Tuesday August 26 2014 #MenStyleTO


We’re excited to be collaborating with two great Toronto businesses who are all about helping Men step their style on a budget.

This coming Tuesday night, August 26th at 7pm in the Toronto Annex, our friends at Mancave Barbers Lounge are co-hosting an evening of style!

The event is free, space is limited so RSVP HERE right away!

Our three speakers will be :

The Mancave team on hair style and maintenance TomJr

Tom Mihalik Jr. of Tom’s Place Toronto on suiting up smart for 2014

And our own Paul Nazareth will close out the evening sharing tips on how having style can give you greater career confidence and how you CAN step up your style on a budget.

Join us, and please share this event with a friend in your network who would find value in raising their style game.

See you Tuesday night!

RSVP : Reserve your spot now!


For Twitter users, please tweet about the event at #MenStyleTO and our speakers @ManCaveTO @TomsPlaceTO @UinvitedU


GQ declares 2014 the Year of the Pocket Square


Does it get any better than one of the oracles of men’s style declaring 2014 “the year of the pocket square” ?!

I’m not sure it gets any better than this.

Check out the article here.

We have a whole new summer collection that we made for a pop-up sale recently so if you’re in Toronto drop us a line by email at sales@pocketstylecanada.com or tweet us at @pocketstyleCA  and we can set up a free personal consultation.

If you’re not in the GTA you can choose your own by viewing our squares here and ordering them here.  But feel free to email and ask questions about what style and colours go with what you own and we can send you a picture of some options. It’s cheaper to buy in bulk and we can hook you up with a set to cover you for the year!

Listen to the style experts at GQ and finish your look with the perfect pocket square!



July 27 Popshop at the Annex Flea


Super excited to share that we’ll have a one day shop at the “Annex Flea” market in Toronto.vintage

Sunday July 27th in the Honest Ed’s parking lot, details at this link.

We will have new patterns and it’s a fun market dedicated to handmade and vintage stuff!

Going to be fun so come on out, 11am to 6pm and join us this weekend!

Nothing better than being able to see something in person. Half the fun of our pocket squares are the different fabrics so come and see!

Summer Sunday, good fun, good food, great part of the city.Flea1

See you at the Annex Flea!


Father’s Day 2014

Fathers Day TieNot another tie.

Said every Dad “inside his head” on Father’s Day.

Get Dad or the Dad in your life something unique, something on trend.

Pocket squares!

Most men don’t know how to shop for pocket squares. So here’s a three step primer:

1) Every guy needs at least one ‘classic white’ pocket square. They work for both formal and informal occasions and go with virtually all outfits. View our style guide here.

2) If he works in an office, having some primary colours to match the professional look is helpful. Here are the Titans of Men’s style on wearing pocket squares – click here.

3) We’re heading into summer, this is where pocket squares with brighter colours come out and play. If you get a three or a five pack throw in a cool colourful design. Most men don’t know how to fold them – there’s lots of ways. Here are some helpful how-to guides and videos!

We can ship your pocket squares to you before the big day.

Here’s what we have in stock.

Here’s where to purchase.

Or contact us at pocketstylecanada@gmail.com and we can arrange different pricing and shipping.

Help Dad step up his style this Father’s Day, with Pocket Style!

Ps. We’d love to see him wear your gift, Tweet or Instagram using #SquareSwag and we’ll feature him on our blog!

Square One

Unique Handmade Pocket Squares

Unique Handmade Pocket Squares

So we are starting from scratch. Thank you for being here on the ground floor.

Pocket square prices in the major stores range from $30 to $100 – we wanted to create an affordable alternative that didn’t sacrifice style.

And Pocket Style Canada was born.

We make them in small batches, so you know you are always getting a unique product.

Purchase them here and let us know on Twitter what you think!